Recycling On a Whole Other Level

Posted by Eve & Nico on Jul 21st 2015

These past few days have been sun on earth. Extremely hot, right? I guess sometimes it is too hot, and other times it is too cold and it seems like we just can't win. We hope this post finds you with a cold drink of water, seated in a shade with air conditioning. If not, feel free to come in store for some cold water and air conditioning on us.

Calabash planters

You've loved the calabashes 'gourd plant'  but have expressed that although beautiful, you don't know what to do with it. Do not be dismayed further, here are few ways you can dress your calabash planter to fit nicely in your home space. Did we mention the designs on the planters are hand-stiched? 

Paper bracelets

We love trends, and we love when we mentally think that we started the trend despite the glaring truth that we did not. We have been a fan of paper jewelry for a while now, and we are happy to see that people are recognizing this amazing jewelry craft. Paper jewelry is quite unique, but still chic and best of all, environment friendly. What's not to love about eco-friendly fashion accesories? 

If you need a break from the sun, or just want to see a familiar face, our doors are wide open. 

We hope to see you soon.


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