Eve & Nico Crafts & Home Decor At The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Eve & Nico Crafts & Home Decor At The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Posted by Eve + Nico on Apr 1st 2015

We are proud to announce that Eve & Nico Crafts & Home Decor has been selected to be featured in the official Daytime Emmy Talent Lounge at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Daytime Emmy Awards serve to honor the best of the actors, writers, directors, shows, and we feel like winners already due to the opportunity we have been given to be around such outstanding actors and actresses.

Our venue - The Talent Lounge, has been home to iconic films such as Casablanca, The Batman Trilogy, Jurassic Park and Ghost Busters. How exciting is that!

This opportunity gives us a platform to highlight further the need to support women businesses, create employment opportunities, find alternative markets for goods to help further the empowerment of women. 

The desire for women empowerment crosses borders and although our role as a small business is a drop in the ocean, we do believe that creating alternative markets for women enterprises adds to the existing efforts.

With combined efforts, women can have their own income, contribute financially to their families, attain financial independence and essentially get freedom from having a secure source of employment.

We look forward to welcoming the special guests to the talent lounge, exchange stories, showcase our beautiful bowls made out of recycled telephone wire. 

We wish all the nominees the best of luck. Do not forget to set that date, Sunday, April 26th, 8:00pm. We have a date with the Emmys and we will be watching. 


Eve & Nico

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