We choose Education

We choose Education

Posted by Your neighborhood friend. on Jun 17th 2015

katuuso.jpgI love when people take initiative to make the world a better place. It brings me so much happiness to know that people are doing more for others and contributing to the betterment of another's life without expectation. That kind of selflessness is admirable and truly inspiring. 

We are excited that we came across School for Life Foundation whose vision is 'to break the cycle of poverty by building sustainable, productive and profitable communities beginning with quality education.'

'School for Life is a not-for-profit organisation focused on making a transformational difference to the communities of emerging countries starting with Uganda through providing access to a quality education.' They have built educated, sustainable, productive and profitable communities starting in Katuuso, which focus on children and adults who have have had challenges accessing education.

We are moved by their determination to use education to develop skills and creativity and to further their vision and support their handwork, we at Eve & Nico Crafts & Home Decor have created space for their handmade products such as laptop bags, travel neck pillow, and market bags to financially support maintenance and operations of the foundation. 

Do come visit us and look at the new collections handmade by Katuuso women.

See you soon. :-)

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