How to decorate with Recycled Telephone Wire


We can create some beautiful spaces with the most eclectic decor and a wild imagination. DIY just got an upgrade!

Telephone Wire Bowls on Breakfast Table

Our friends at Tribe, use these telephone wire baskets to add color and class to their breakfast table setting. What a great way to have breakfast!

Adding color to white plates

Adding little soap stone accents in the bowls make for unique decor and adds personality to any room. Decor doesn't have to be boring...splash it with unique accents.

Recycling On a Whole Other Level

These past few days have been sun on earth. Extremely hot, right? I guess sometimes it is too hot, and other times it is too cold and it seems like we just can't win. We hope this post finds you with a cold drink of water, seated in a shade with air conditioning. If not, [...]

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