How to decorate with Recycled Telephone Wire


We can create some beautiful spaces with the most eclectic decor and a wild imagination. DIY just got an upgrade!

Telephone Wire Bowls on Breakfast Table

Our friends at Tribe, use these telephone wire baskets to add color and class to their breakfast table setting. What a great way to have breakfast!

Adding color to white plates

Adding little soap stone accents in the bowls make for unique decor and adds personality to any room. Decor doesn't have to be boring...splash it with unique accents.

Women Owned Businesses - International Women's Day

Today, we celebrate you dear woman for your strength, your beauty, contribution to the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of your community, your country, your family and your world. On days like these, we are reminded to perform to our very best and keep creating opportunities for other women through market diversification. To all women every where, [...]

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Around Africa - Uganda Picture Diary

I find myself grateful for iPhones. The ability to snap a moment and share it with everyone who was not physically with you. I have had the opportunity to travel with my mother and participate in the buying process of our beautiful handmade crafts that are in the shop.It has been a very wonderful experience [...]

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Eve and Nico meets Toy Project

Supporting women globallyWe were blown away by the handiwork of the women at Toy Project in Groenfontein but even more by their tenacity to overcome unemployment. Our founder made the journey all the way to South Africa to check out this brilliant project and we are glad to be carrying Toy Project's collection in our [...]

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