Eve and Nico meets Toy Project

Eve and Nico meets Toy Project

Posted by Eve + Nico on Mar 22nd 2015

Supporting women globally

We were blown away by the handiwork of the women at Toy Project in Groenfontein but even more by their tenacity to overcome unemployment. Our founder made the journey all the way to South Africa to check out this brilliant project and we are glad to be carrying Toy Project's collection in our store.

The Groenfontein Toy Project was the result - a humble initiative that involved a needle and thread, a few fabric offcuts, and a willingset of hands. Three years down the line, the project provides full-time employment for eight highly skilled women - all of whom were once chronically unemployed.

We are proud to join efforts in the fight against unemployment by creating a market in USA for these beautifully hand-made color popping toys. Stop into our beautiful store and get a toy for your daughter or son, get as many as you would like to gift to your loved ones.

Together, we can support women everywhere to pursue their dreams, and end the poverty cycle through creating employment and new markets for products.

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